The Full Force

The Full Force Series 5 Episode 5 (Inhumanoids)

September 30, 2018

Hello and welcome to a brand new episode of The Full Force! I am Christopher ‘In-Hemorrhoid’ McLeod aka Diagnostik80 and on this Monster of a show we are continuing our journey into the alternative combined universe with a look at a brand that could easily fit into Action Force and G.I. Joe and even has some connective tissue thanks to a few nods in the cartoon! INHUMANOIDS!!! Joining me on this episode are my specially selected Earth Corps operatives, Paddy ‘Fecktor Rimirez’ Lennon & Erik ‘Gagoyle’ Arana! On this episode we look at the history of the INHUMANOIDS brand in the FIGURE REVIEW with Patrick Stewart and super collector and Inhumanoids megafan Adam May who also joins us for FROM THE VAULT, we have the MAIL CALL and of course WHAT WE GOT IN and SHOUTOUTS to cap off another classic episode for all you Langastoids out there!!.…..FULL INHUMA-FORCE!!!


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