The Full Force - Arise, Serpentor, Arise VHS Commentary

January 18, 2018

We're starting the new year with a bang!! That bang is a bunch of guys watching an overdubbed cartoon whilst yelling toilet humour at one another!! Chris, Dave and Eddie are joined by a crack team of specialists ready to give you a rip roaring adventurous VHS commentary ride with the overdubbed Action Force Sunbow feature length animation, Arise, Serpentor, Arise!! We have a group of men ready to spill their DNA all over the shop!! We have our favourite Irishman when Brian isn’t here, Paddy ‘Pad the Impaler’ Lennon, a man so bright in his choices of bandana, that all rainbows converge on his balls, Erik ‘Assputin’ Arana, and of course the OG’s the 'O' stands for old and the 'G' stands for gits, Chris 'Mannibal' McLeod, Eddie ‘Inman the Terrible’ Inman and Dave ‘Julius Treesar’ Tree!! Of course you can watch along with the regular US version with the audio down if you would like or if you are super hardcore you can sync it up with the Action Force VHS to really feel like you are in a room with all of us, who aren’t in a room together either!!

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The Full Force Series 4 Episode 9

December 4, 2017

You know how we made a super long podcast for the last Visionaries episode? Well, we just made a longer one for Transformers!! Clocking in at over 9 hours, we have clearly smashed our previous record but I promise you that this will not happen again!! We are finally at the end of this awesome in-depth look at the Hasbro and IDW combined universe of franchises and this time we find ourselves on Cybertron for lots of Bot-like funsies!! On this Mega troncast Chris, Dave, Eddie, Paddy and Brian (and Adam and Troy for the interview) runabout and runamuck in the NEWS with Justin ‘Bumshell’ Bell of General’s Joes fame, we are joined by the Mapes twins from Transformers at the Moon to look at the crossover history of G.I. Joe and the Transformers in the FIGURE REVIEW and to talk about some cool items in FROM THE VAULT, we INTERVIEW ex Manager of Global Brand Development for G.I. Joe and Transformers at Hasbro, Mark Weber, about his time on the brands and his love for both franchises, we have a ton of incoming Cybertronian transmissions in the MAIL CALL and of course WHAT WE GOT IN and SHOUTOUTS to cap off another ridiculously long episode for all you non-aligned indigenous life-forms out there!! …..TILL ALL ARE ONE WITH THE FULL FORCE!!!


The Full Force Series 4 Episode 8

October 30, 2017

I don't know how this has happened but somehow we've managed to make a podcast about a line that had one series of toys, one season of a cartoon and a small comic run, that is OVER 8 HOURS LONG!!!! On this magically lit episode we find ourselves in New Valarak on the Planet of Prysmos as we continue our mission to cover all of the Hasbro and IDW franchises in the combined universe, this time it’s the turn of the Visionaries!! Joining me on the podcast are a team of brave Spectral Knights chosen by Merklyn himself!! We have Troy ‘Sh*tterquick’ McKie, Eddie ‘Darkring Lord’ Inman and Dave ‘Rectal Knight’ Tree!! Tonight, we raise our magical staffs and release our animal totems (they’re all weasels) to bring you the NEWS courtesy of Justin ‘how do you turn off this magical light’ Bell at General’s Joes, a fantastic INTERVIEW with the writer for the original Visionaries cartoon, Buzz Dixon and we are joined by David and Steve Mapes, the guys behind, to look at the history of the Visionaries toy line in the FIGURE REVIEW and to show us some cool never-before-seen items in the biggest FROM THE VAULT we’ve ever attempted!! We read all your messages and tweets in the MAIL CALL, we have a brand new COMPETITION to win an NYCC Exclusive G.I. Joe Funko Destro figure and let’s not forget WHAT WE GOT IN and SHOUTOUTS to cap off yet another massive show for all you new age magicians…..Those who control the magic, control…..THE FULL FORCE!!


The Full Force Series 4 Episode 7

October 5, 2017

OOOH WEEE!!! Have we got a treat for you.....Yes, yes we have!! Over the past few months we have been taking a closer look into the combined universe of franchises and brands that make up Hasbro and IDW's new Revolution, First Strike and cinematic projects. On this particular occasion we have M, M, M, M.A.S.K. and it must be a record in length (wahey) for us, clocking in at close to 6 hours!!! Due to this rather large undertaking we have asked the Computer (aka Chris McLeod aka Diagnostik80 aka vehicle codename: Sly Crax) to select the best presenters for this job based on the power of their helmets (ooohhh)!! Joining us on this mega episode are; Troy ‘vehicle codename: T-Nob’ McKie, Paddy ‘vehicle codename: Lepre-Condor’ Lennon, Brian ‘vehicle codename: Rhine-hole’ Hickey, Eddie ‘vehicle codename: Clackhammer’ Inman and Dave ‘vehicle codename: Grundle-Slingsh*t’ Tree!! We have crammed a lot into this one including; the NEWS brought to you by Justin vehicle codename: Bellboard Blast’ Bell at General's Joes, two, count them, TWO, amazing INTERVIEWS with Brandon Easton, writer of IDW's M.A.S.K. comic and Doug Stone, the voice actor behind Matt Trakker and a number of other M.A.S.K. characters from the original cartoon (amongnst many other things), a history of the toy line in the FIGURE REVIEW, some very cool unreleased items in FROM THE VAULT, a bulging MAIL CALL sack, incredibly we somehow managed to get something in since the very recent previous episode for WHAT WE GOT IN?, all the deserving people get props in SHOUTOUTS and we are giving away a True Heroes Sentinel 1 U-53 Helicopter in the COMPETITION because we are awesome!! Add to that some brand new music created specially for this stand alone episode utilising samples from the original cartoon music and you have a pretty stacked show!! ..........SPECTRUM ON.......FULL FORCE!!!!!


The Full Force Series 4 Episode 6

September 20, 2017

It's the MICRONAUTS episode!!! The gang are back (well most of them) and fresh from their fantastic journey to the center of Hasbro!! Join Chris, Dave, Eddie and Troy as they battle some serious NEWS courtesy of Justin Bell at General's Joes, including: HASCON, IDW comics, Walmart hoodies, retailer bankruptcy, Club reveals, Boss Fight paintmasters, Assembly Required and Funko POPs!! Amazingly, Derryl DePriest joins us for a HASCON debrief and helps us with the Micronauts toy history in the FIGURE REVIEW!! Add to that a huge MAIL CALL segment, WHAT WE GOT IN, some SHOUTOUTS, a COMPETITION to win a HASCON Exclusive Arcee and you have an episode that is close to 4 and a half hours long!! Suck on that all you time-ists!! Sit back, relax and take a week off work so that you can smash this episode out in time for Christmas!! YIPPEE-KI-YAY FULL FORCERS!!!


The Full Force Series 4 Episode 5

September 5, 2017

Welcome to another episode of your favourite G.I. Joe and Action Force Podcast!! On this pre-HASCON show we hired the help of two men who are probably Dire Wraiths but whatevs. Joining Chris and Eddie (Dave was sick) are two of the most dangerous assassins in the Galaxy!! Troy 'Troys R Us' McKie and Adam 'Never snitches' Riches!! Following on from our look into Action Man in the previous two episodes, the guys delve deep into another brand in the combined universe with a look at ROM in the FIGURE REVIEW. We discuss the NEWS brought to us by Justin Bell at General's Joes including; HASCON updates, a new Marauder Task Force Kickstarter, cancelled figures and Action Mice info! We get yet another huge amount of content for the MAIL CALL segment, more great product is consumed in WHAT WE GOT IN and on top of all that we are giving away more free goodies courtesy of Boss Fight Studio's new Bucky O'Hare figures in the latest COMPETITION!! You'll just have to accept the fact that we are awesome!! FULL FORCE!!


The Full Force Series 4 Episode 4

August 26, 2017

Well, you asked for it!! Eddie's back up in this bizznatch as the original trio return to bring you a bevy of NEWS brought to you by Justin Bell of General's Joes, including; the Kentuckiana G.I. Joe Show, Hasbro, Adult Swim, multiple Kickstarters, #HASCON2017, Humble Bundle, First Strike, Kid Robot and Action Mice!! Following on from last episode's look at the 90's rebrand, we delve into the original Action Man line (1966-1984) in the FIGURE REVIEW, we deal with one of the biggest MAIL CALL's ever and still have time to squeeze in a brand new COMPETITION to win Boss Fight Studio goodies and the usual WHAT WE GOT IN segment!! So sit back (unless you're not in a position to do so), grab a cup of tea (unless you're not in a position to do so) and listen to the FULL FORCE!!!.....unless you're not in a position to do so!!

p.s. Get in a position to do so!!!


The Full Force Series 4 Episode 3

August 7, 2017

Oh look, it's a brand new edition of The Full Force! On this episode we are going full on Revolution with an awesome giveaway for one lucky listener as well as giving you a full on audio chubby with an action-packed and fully loaded podcast! Joining Chris in the crusade to make Action Force more than just the redheaded stepchild of an already pretty redheaded stepchild is a man that put the ’Krak’ in Kraken; David ‘800813’ Tree!! We are also joined by two almost regulars due to the mysterious disappearance of Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Inman, a man that puts the ‘ouch’ in Gaucho, emmy award winning actress, freelance Joe Club artist and comic cover wizard extraordinaire, Adam ‘Madame B****ez’ Riches and freelance artist, designer and 6-time olympic gold medal winner in synchronised swimming, Troyz ‘and Gamez’ McKie!!! How do we follow the last episode I hear you ask, well we record for hours and then Chris has to edit it, pretty simple really, we have all the NEWS brought to you by Justin Bellerina at General’s Joes, including info from SDCC, new exclusive toys and products from BAIT, Alpha Industries and 1000Toys, sad news again as another G.I. Joe legend passes away and we get Boss Fight Studio's Dave Proctor and General's Joes Justin Bell to help us with another fantastic INTERVIEW with the guys behind the Zombie Lab Kickstarter project!! There's all the usual segments, a massive bulging MALE BAG, WHAT WE GOT IN, SHOUTOUTS and we take a short but sweet trip down memory lane with the 90’s Action Man in the FIGURE REVIEW!!…….FULL FORCE!!


The Full Force Series 4 Episode 2

July 18, 2017

WOW!! Another one??!! We are motoring on with this new series of episodes and have a pretty special edition of the show for your listening pleasure. Chris, Dave and this time Troy McKie look at the NEWS in as much depth as the Three Stooges actually can, which is brought to us by Justin Bell at General's Joes. On top of SDCC exclusives, new HasCon info and special birthdays, we have an INTERVIEW with Boss Fight Studio's very own Erik Araña and Andrew Franks, who tell us all about their Bucky O'Hare line and Series 2 of their incredible Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. figures. As always, there's the standard MALEBAG, WHAT WE GOT IN and SHOUTOUTS segments and to cap all of that off we somehow managed to trick Hasbro into getting the amazing Vice President, Global Brand Management, Derryl DePriest to talk to us about HasCon, his background and collecting toys!! I know, I still don't believe it either!!! It's a biggie but that's what you get with us!! Now sit back, relax, close your eyes, unless you're driving of course and enjoy this lump of audio goodness.....FULL FORCE!!

We would also like to dedicate the episode to the late, great, Wally Burr. A voice-over directing legend, Rest In Peace, sir.

Episode Photo Credit: Brian Hickey


The Full Force Series 4 Episode 1

July 6, 2017

Joecon is over but the memories remain....that and all the arrest records!! Chris is joined by freelance artist, designer and father to the 80’s cartoon character, Jem, Troy McKie, who has worked for the G.I. Joe Club and Hasbro on numerous projects. Artist, collector and aficionado of 90’s Hip Hop, Adam Riches, famous for his G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club card art and comic covers for IDW and last but by no means least, graphic designer, author and general sexual tyrannosaurus, Brian Hickey, responsible for giving us the amazing books, Total Retaliation and most recently Total HACKS. The boys discuss the week that was Joecon 2017 at Lake Buena Vista, Florida, Disney World!! The topics for disection on this episode include; the Joecon exclusives, Club Roundtable Panel reveals, HasCon info (sort of) and everything we got in over con! Justin Bell from General's Joes brings us all the news headlines, Brad Sanders, the voice of Big Lob, provides an amazing soundbite and don't worry, Dave and Eddie will be back for the next episode!! Thanks to everyone at con, it was awesome seeing you all again, now sit back and enjoy the show.....FULL (BATTLE) FORCE (2000)!!!