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The Full Force Podcast - Joecon 2018 Debrief

July 6, 2018
💥 Joecon 2018 Debrief!! 💥
Hello and welcome to the Joecon 2018 Debrief episode!! Joining host, Christopher 'Debriefed' McLeod aka Diagnostik80 for this massive episode covering the last ever G.I. Joe Collectors Club Convention at Chattanooga TN, are: Full Force presenters, Patrick Stewart, Justin Bell (twice), Adam Riches and Eddie Inman, cosplayer and collector Kate McLeod, Joecon Legend, Gray Childs, Hasbro designer, Bobby Vala, Vice President Global Brand Marketing at Hasbro, Derryl DePriest, Canadian Rap Star and hardcore Joe fanatic, Wordburglar, former Toy State International, Hasbro and MacFarlane Toys, Mark Weber and as a special additional bonus, the awesome Stephen Christopher Jubber, Paul Christie Loubser and Robert Lemmer from GI Joburg!!
It's a packed show as we take an emotional look back at the last ever Joecon and all the highlights from cons gone by!!
This is my love letter to the con and to all that I have met over the years since I began attending in 2014. You mean the world to me and even though con is gone for now I fully expect to see all of you in the future at whatever event takes its place.......FULL FORCE!!
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