The Full Force

The Full Force Series 4 Episode 6

September 20, 2017

It's the MICRONAUTS episode!!! The gang are back (well most of them) and fresh from their fantastic journey to the center of Hasbro!! Join Chris, Dave, Eddie and Troy as they battle some serious NEWS courtesy of Justin Bell at General's Joes, including: HASCON, IDW comics, Walmart hoodies, retailer bankruptcy, Club reveals, Boss Fight paintmasters, Assembly Required and Funko POPs!! Amazingly, Derryl DePriest joins us for a HASCON debrief and helps us with the Micronauts toy history in the FIGURE REVIEW!! Add to that a huge MAIL CALL segment, WHAT WE GOT IN, some SHOUTOUTS, a COMPETITION to win a HASCON Exclusive Arcee and you have an episode that is close to 4 and a half hours long!! Suck on that all you time-ists!! Sit back, relax and take a week off work so that you can smash this episode out in time for Christmas!! YIPPEE-KI-YAY FULL FORCERS!!!

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