The Full Force Series 4 Episode 4

August 26, 2017

Well, you asked for it!! Eddie's back up in this bizznatch as the original trio return to bring you a bevy of NEWS brought to you by Justin Bell of General's Joes, including; the Kentuckiana G.I. Joe Show, Hasbro, Adult Swim, multiple Kickstarters, #HASCON2017, Humble Bundle, First Strike, Kid Robot and Action Mice!! Following on from last episode's look at the 90's rebrand, we delve into the original Action Man line (1966-1984) in the FIGURE REVIEW, we deal with one of the biggest MAIL CALL's ever and still have time to squeeze in a brand new COMPETITION to win Boss Fight Studio goodies and the usual WHAT WE GOT IN segment!! So sit back (unless you're not in a position to do so), grab a cup of tea (unless you're not in a position to do so) and listen to the FULL FORCE!!!.....unless you're not in a position to do so!!

p.s. Get in a position to do so!!!