The Full Force Reboot (Series 4 Episode 0)

June 11, 2017

That's right folks, WE ARE BACK!!!!! Join us on the first episode in a brand new series of the world's leading Action Force and G.I. Joe related podcast!! We have a new Podbean site and iTunes upload so you won't be able to find us on the usual What's On Joe Mind? downloads any longer. You can still access all of our old episodes from the WOJM guys but from now on we will be posting any new content on here.

On this episode: We are joined by guest presenters, Brian Hickey and Paddy Lennon of Total Retaliation and Total HACKS books fame, as they fill in for our globetrotting co-presenter, Eddie Inman!! Justin Bell from General's Joes helps us bring you all the NEWS (and the olds) from the world of Action Force and Joe, including, Joecon, FSS 6.0, Hascon, Action Force sightings in the comics and much, much, more!! Dave and Chris take you through a FIGURE REVIEW of the KRAAAAAKEN and bring you some of the most hilarious audio footage from the tape cassette, 'The Baron's Revenge'!! On top of all that, we have the MALEBAG (incorrectly spelt for a reason), WHAT WE GOT IN and SHOUTOUTS!! There's also a new theme tune and incidental music throughout just to make you think that something has changed!! Anyway, stop reading this now and just listen to the.......FULL FORCE!!!